"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still ahead of those who aren't even trying"

"Had a great experience. The horse has built up my confidence for being around them. I enjoyed the challenges and the expectations of the horse. This is an awesome program and great job well done! Enjoyed so much."


"Today was fun! Coming from riding myself and usually telling the horse what to do, it was nice seeing the horse telling me what to do. Really brings out teamwork between everyone with the horse."



"I came in quite tentative. Once I started working with the horse, all four of us were problem solving. I forgot all about my inhibitions. Most enjoyable session."


"Truly an amazing experience. Team work + communication was truly lead by the horse. My confidence grew with each obstacle and I learned to read the horse's cues better each time"



"What an amazing experience. I had a great time. I thought it was going to be easy but it was difficult. Communicating was the key"


"This experience was fantastic. Coming from a person who wouldn't even touch a horse. I felt comfortable around my team (horse included). It's a great team building experience. The facilitators were awesome and helped us think about problem solving. Thanks for having me I had a great time!"


It isn't what anyone would of thought the EAL program was. Even from me watching the course done to doing it myself. It is completely different. It's a learning experience, and many people can benefit in so many ways."


"Coming in I had no idea really what to expect. I am scared of horses, but by the end I was more comfortable. I had to let myself be at ease with what was happening, with what needed to be done and with my team. It was important for me to let go or at least control my frustration because my team can feed off that. Overall it was a good experience and I can see how people of all ages benefit. "


"Today I learned that I am an analytical thinker, something I never thought I was. It was a fun time bonding with the horse and my team. Learned a little about communication with the horses too, definitely would do this again.


Let the horse teach you about yourself. Even if you make a mistake, Horses will always forgive you."

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