Freedom Reins effectively facilitates a safe environment that connects people through the kindness of the horse and builds healthier lives using a productive approach to empower individuals while having fun.

An innovative program devoted to skill development, where you can't fool the teacher!

Skill Development with
Exceptional Teachers



To put it simply, Equine Assisted Learning is a learner based educational experience with horses. More specifically EAL is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses. EAL has proven to be effective, powerful, positive, educational and creative.


Our program emphasizes it's building-block curriculum of facilitating life skills through positively reinforced interaction with horses. Exercises are developed to encourage self confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. Current research has found this experiential form of learning to be most effective.  

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